God Loves You. No Exceptions.

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Mid-Day Eucharist in the Chapel




8am Eucharist in the Chapel

10am Eucharist in the Church

6pm Prayer Service in the Chapel


Hear this Word from our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry 

Presiding Bishop Easter Greeting 2016



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Who We Are

You will find us to be old and young, male and female, gay and straight, single, married, divorced, and widowed...  We come from all regions, races, economics, and perspectives. We work in our communities, responding to our baptismal promise to seek and serve Christ in all whom we meet.  We engage in conversations of faith in the hope that the questions will bring us closer to God. We support one another in good times and bad, and we try to offer that same support to all whom we meet.

We are the denomination "in between" - both catholic and protestant.  Our liturgy will be familiar to those who grew up with the Roman Catholic Mass.  The centrality of Scripture and individual discernment in community will be familiar to many Protestants.  Seekers who are spiritual but not religious will find a healthy meeting of intellect and heart, science and religion, innovation and tradition, solemnity and laughter.

Everyone is welcome in the Episcopal Church -- including welcome to receive the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion.  This Great Feast is a table set for everyone and we believe it to be a sign and affirmation of God's radical love for all the world in Jesus Christ.

Come and see!