Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM)


This just might be the central question of our existence.  We can put it differently and answer it unconsciously or purposefully, but it abides for every human being.  Why am I here?  What does it matter that I am?  Who am I?  What is my calling?  As Christians, we have many sources for the self-portrait to be revealed to us:  Scripture.  What our forebears have learned and taught.  Our own experience and knowledge.  God speaks to us in all these ways.  Education for Ministry is an incredible course of study which brings together all the strands of our daily living, the richness of our Christian tradition, and the wisdom of Holy Scripture, to help us discern what God is up to in our own lives, day by day.

This is sophisticated, comprehensive, education that honors the adult learner.  Adults bring a great deal to our own education: putting new information into conversation with that which we have already learned (whether by “book-learning” or “the school of hard knocks”).  By intentionally connecting culture and tradition with our own practices and beliefs, EfM brings participants to a more nuanced, rich, and fulfilling understanding of God’s presence and our purpose. 

Interested?  This is a four-year course of study, taken one year at a time.  The EfM Group at Grace has students of several years in it and new members join each year.  We meet on Tuesday evenings, ending at 8pm.  The new study year began on Tuesday, March 7th

Please contact Jan (419-625-6919 or if you have questions.  The website is: