#What's your 200#

The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio
Bicentennial 1817-2017
Committing to a new century serving God’s mission

Throughout the coming year we will be looking back at where we have come from and look forward to where God is dreaming us to go.  Bishop Hollingsworth said, “Together, we can use this year to open ourselves to the spirit of holiness, accepting God’s invitation into a new century of our life as the body of Christ and the Diocese of Ohio.”

One of the key elements and activities for this celebration is “What’s your 200?”  This is a way for us (oarish and individuals) to reflect on the past 200 years and express what we aspire to be in the years to come.  We are invited to discover our own “200’s.”  What is meaningful to us in our faith? What defines our parish? What are we most proud of?  What areas would we like to make more of an impact?

“What’s Your 200?” provides an occasion to expand important ministries already being done as well as to initiate new ones.  The Diocese will share the many “200’s” going on throughout the year via social media, Church Life and weekly updates.  We are encouraged to think out of the box and create our own – individual, parish wide, committee wide, group wide.  Some examples: Grace might provide 200 scarves or hats to those in need; send 200 cards to those who serve and for whom we pray weekly; give 200 items for our youth who are in juvenile detention; provide 200 hours of volunteer service to KinShip or Habitat for Humanity

As an individual one might want to save 200 pieces of change to donate, read 200 bible passages throughout the year, write 200 notes to friends and family….

This first communication is to make you aware of this exciting celebration year and to get you thinking about our 200’s!  There will be posters along with more information on the bulletin board, in our weekly bulletin and in our monthly newsletter.   Let’s get the conversation going….and put some ideas in writing and into action!!! 

For more information on the celebration you can also check out our Diocesan social media pages:





Grace's "200 Acts of Love" Project 2017

A tri-fold poster board display is currently in our Mary Simpson room. Post-it notes, pens and glue sticks (in case your “sticky” doesn’t stick) are provided. We are asking everyone to write down any act of love or kindness done for someone else and post it on the display board. Write down as many as you want so we can fill it up with love.

Our Outreach Committee completed their first “200” in December by collecting and donating at least 200 items to the Juvenile Detention Center. 


BOWLING 200 X 2!

As part of the  diocesan “What’s Your 200” initiative

Lisa Fowler and her Team Grace raised $425

for Big Brothers Big Sisters when they participated

in the Bowling for Kids Sake fundraiser on April 2nd


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